Mini-hotels: competition

The hotel sphere is constantly developing. Chain hotels, small B&Bs, cozy mini-hotels – the market is full options for any taste. However, a great choice for guests for owners means fierce competition, attempts to find their niche, constant improving of the conditions and services provided. In a competitive environment is crucial for business to understand advantages, disadvantages and ways to solve those; though competitive advantage for various groups of hotels will differ. Today we will talk about the advantages of mini-hotels.

One of the first advantages is an individual approach to the guest. A smaller number of rooms, and, accordingly, fewer guests, allows employees to concentrate on each client, and solution of their problems. Ideally, mini-hotels provide a symbiosis of a homely atmosphere and excellent service.

The next advantage is the lower maintenance cost. The territory, staff and number of rooms in a mini-hotel is smaller than in standard hotels allowing the owners to set a lower price for accommodation. Therefore, when adding any services, hotel owners should pay attention not only to the quality, but also to the cost – after all, a high cost will lead to an increase in the accommodation price and worsen the position in the market.

In addition, implementation of their own concept is easier for mini-hotels. An eco-hotel with a large number of plants on its territory, the use of natural materials, waste separation and overall concern for the environment. Using the theme of a movie or a book with references to favourite characters and their belongings; with an emphasis on sports, where the guest has access to a fitness room and healthy food. The number of options is numerous, but what unites them all is that, regardless of the chosen concept, people want a high level of services provided, it is impossible to compete without it. Good quality rooms, a stable Wi-Fi signal, solving any issues – now this is the minimum set of what guests want to see in a hotel. And preferably to have digital television, a more diverse menu, etc.

In IPTVPORTAL we help hotels improve customer satisfaction. Guests receive digital content, information about interesting places in the city through an electronic city guide, as well as information about all the services of the hotel provided. Moreover, IPTVPORTAL presents the hotel TV system project for free. We not only increase competitiveness, but also influence the guest’s impression of the hotel.

Finally, mini-hotels have more freedom and autonomy. Basically, the owners themselves make decisions without reporting to anyone. This allows resolving issues and problems quickly that arise both for guests and staff.

Summing up, mini-hotels have undeniable advantages, the key point is to understand these advantages and use them skilfully.

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