Interactive hotel television with concierge functionality

Digital content

The ability to connect legal digital content using OTT technology

Electronic City Guide

Information about the most important places in the city for a guest

Concierge service

Will help to convey useful information about the hotel and services to the guest

Work with any PMS

Integration with the most popular PMS has already been completed.
We will do integration with new PMS for free

Additional income

The hotel can earn money on interactive television

Free test

Within a month you can use the system for free



User interface for watching Live TV, video-on-demand

TimeShift / Catch UP

Time shift, PVR and records archive

YouTube & online movies

Access to YouTube services & other popular video-sharing hostings


We offer TV program for free and support the import of any other guides


Whether you want to use digital TV via STB, PC, SmartTV or Mobile devices, we have an app for you

Unique recognizable interface "TYPOGRAPHIC"

An interface with a minimum number of layers, designed to access any item in 2-3 clicks on the remote.
Using only the cursor and OK.


We offer OSS programming interface for integration to any telco billings


Certified Content Protection System

Different models of subscriber registration

By login / password, by MAC address, by IP

Multilingual interface
Interface customization

Change the color of the interface and set the logo the operator

Parental control
Information TV channel of the hotel and information catalog of the hotel on the TV screen

* Only for Hotel TV version

Guest greeting
* Only for Hotel TV version
Categories of TV channels by broadcasting languages
* Only for Hotel TV version

Extended version


Video Surveillance Functionality

Instant messaging

Sending instant text messages, images, video or stream to subscribers devices

Ordering packages of TV channels from the TV screen
Integration with hotel management system via PMS API
* Only for Hotel TV version
View current guest account
* Only for Hotel TV version
Ordering TV channels, films and hotel services from the TV screen
* Only for Hotel TV version

IPTVPORTAL HOTEL TV software is based on the IPTVPORTAL platform, which is used by hundreds of thousands of subscribers


A unique feature of IPTVPORTAL is in favorable conditions offered to small telecom operators. Getting started is always free. You just have to add your media contents and TV channel lists.

Sign the contract until 31.08.2021 - get a 50% discount on IPTVPORTAL HOTEL TV

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