One of the first and most fruitful Cloud Middleware and CAS/DRM in the world.

We offer the turnkey solution for the price of a supporting, a lease or a revenue sharing! We have both innovative Typographic and casual basic UI services for IPTV and OTT projects of any complexity and any business areas.

A.R.E.S. team today is a research and development center of middleware, analytics and CAS products for creating high-loaded cost-effective TV services for any provider. Interaction interface for connecting the TV service to the operator's billing. Supports most of subscriber devices on any OSs. Include numbers of other necessary features from Live TV and VOD to CCTV and time shift options. Programmatic UI for information mining managing and analytics.

OTTPORTAL - Cloud and local end-to-end turnkey telco products for TV services and broadcasters!

We offer:

1. The embodiment of a new conceptual approach in the UI building for Android TV,
2. System for IPTV and ОТТ management, fruitful launching of interactive UX for your consumers
3. Protection of Multicast and Unicast broadcasts,
4. Innovative analytics system

Why choose us:

1. Our low costs help make projects payback immediate
2. Our solutions are trusted by hundreds of telcoes
3. First 30 OPEX days are always free

Instantly launch OTT services to telecom operators.

A.R.E.S. the world's first introduced a middleware platform as a complete cloud service to the digital TV market.
A.R.E.S. est. in 2003 is a Russian developer of solutions for managing IPTV, OTT  and VOD services, CAS/DRM, analytics and innovative user interfaces.

A.R.E.S. is a leader of the Russian interactive television market on the number of operators using the system:

1. More than 500 B2O consumers
2. Included in the Russian governmental software list
3. The 1st and the only low-coaster on the Russian IPTV/OTT market

A.R.E.S. team is a developer of OTTPORTAL and IPTVPORTAL solutions for digital interactive TV and online streaming media projects. It consists of Digital "over IP" television administration products, a content protection and analytics, and we are ready to start your OTT or IPTV service in several days with intuitive & brilliant UX services perfectly integratable to Android TV platform!

Our Mission: Make your television business successful with A.R.E.S. team!