Benefits of cloud solutions

Deciding to use IPTV, the operator has several ways to implement it:

The first option is to purchase everything – the headend, Middleware, CAS.

The second option is to save money on the headend by taking channels from the aggregator, and buy or develop Middleware and CAS.

The third option is to take the complete solution from the aggregator with Middleware and CAS.

The reason why the operators cannot decide what to choose is usually one – the high price. However, without IPTV services, a significant part of subscribers can be lost as they will go to competitors having this service. How to solve this issue? In that case, there is a fourth option to deal with the problem – using a cloud solution.

Let’s take a look at the costs that operators face when starting to use IPTV systems:

  • Purchase of Middleware and CAS
  • Setting up, testing and maintaining equipment that ensures the performance of IPTV.

Therefore, the question arises: how to get an IPTV platform without purchasing it? And preferably to have it configured, working At the same time, it is desirable that it is already configured, working, and already being serviced by someone.
The answer is cloud solutions. The idea of ​​cloud computing is to use existing platforms over the Internet and pay for it only when you use it. Connected, used, disconnected. So we smoothly got to the idea underlying our IPTV solution.
The IPTVPORTAL service is available to everyone and can be tested for free. Moreover, this is a real test of a system, not just watching a beautiful demo video. Access to the system can be given for any remote user in a short time. You can understand if the system suits you only after using it. The platform itself is a constructor that can be customized for the needs of users and filled with any desired content.
Back in 2011, having launched our IPTVPORTAL platform on the market, we wrote about the advantages of cloud platforms. What we wrote 11 years ago is still relevant today; at the moment hundreds of telecom operators are using our product.
Опираясь на полученный опыт, мы сделали несколько выводов, которыми хотим поделиться.
Based on the experience gained, we have come to several conclusions that we want to share.
First, everyone uses the same product. The functionality differs: someone uses the basic one, someone uses the advanced one. We also realized that operators need help, which is why you will find many articles about sales on our site. We also advise our clients, helping to build effective sales departments that work successfully even in ultra-competitive markets, with dozens of operators per subscriber.
Secondly, the functionality of the platform affects customer retention. We’ve noticed that agents using interactive features like TimeShift, CatchUp, etc. have little to no churn, compared to those who don’t.

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