How to calculate the number of broadband subscribers that can be achieved from the territory?

The figures below are correct if the penetration percentage does not exceed 25-30% of the total installed capacity. To calculate under other conditions adjustments need to be made based on the number of potential contacts.
All the data below is correct in the presence of the system operation of each individual channel (department) and all of them as a whole.

Active sales

Let’s take a territory of 100 apartments: how many subscribers living in this territory are users of Internet services or ready to become ones? The territory without force majeure (like nursing homes or demolition houses) is only considered, I hope you did not decide to connect such places to your network. Only giants usually allow themselves to do this to complete the construction plan.

On average, 80 out of 100 apartments are potential subscribers because someone does not live in the house, someone does not have the opportunity, someone is too old or loves alcohol very much. Agree?

How many people out of 80 apartments will be at home from 18.00 to 21.30? We will not deny ourselves and say half, 40.

How many of these 40 will be willing to talk with us? Let's again ignore force majeure, for example, if we came immediately after Jehovah's witnesses who stabbed and robbed while selling pans and water filters or immediately after a daily lunch bypass by competitors whose office is located directly in this building. I heard even crazier stories from agents justifying their mistakes.

Let us assume one of four, in total - 10. How many of these 10 people will be the decision-makers about the purchase? I emphasize that only those who are not decision makers are advising, and we have already cut them off; or your proposal is very doubtful, but this is a matter of technology and product analytics.

Will 3 out of 10 be fair?

All in all, if we take into account that:

1. At least 15% are ready to try new things.

2. At least 30% are always dissatisfied with something.

3. At least 50% are easy to lead.

4. 90% want cheaper option.

5. Also, competitors, as well as everyone, have problems both with the quality of services and with customer focus. Besides, we include here the percentage of customers who do not understand the service or product but blame the operator.

What is the chance that a trained manager with a competitive product, who has received a full-fledged dialogue with interested customers (three), will not be able to sell at least once? The probability is very small, and if all the rules and training are followed without force majeure aims to 0. Practice fully confirms that making at least 1 sale per shift is more than realistic if all the requirements and rules are followed. Do not forget about those who are not decision-makers and asked to come back later or tomorrow, may have left a number. Thus, the efficiency of an experienced agent during regular systematic work rises to 1.5 - 1.8 per shift in any, even the most complex, area. Total - from 1% of the cultivated area monthly.

It is worth mentioning that with active apartment-bypass sales, the territory is processed in a three-month cycle: one part is bypass, two - rest and processing by other sales channels.

Outbound Telemarketing

Let's take a base of 100 numbers: how many subscribers are users of Internet services or are ready to start using them? It all depends on the quality of your base. Let us average for the worse - 80 are potential customers; if this is the base of a competitor or former subscribers suitable for additional sales, then the index is higher.

How many people will answer from 80 numbers? We can call at any time from 12.00 to 21.00 and as many times as we want (if the subscriber does not pick up the phone). But let’s underestimate this indicator for sceptics and those who don’t clean the database of disconnected and inactive numbers - 40. Again, we do not include force majeure: we don’t call from numbers that are in spam; on the base immediately after three banks and concert ticket sellers; in the territory where Jehovah's Witnesses initiated a robbery when selling pans and water filters; daily bypassed by your competitors, whose office is right in this building, and they call every day in the morning before going around.

How many of these 40 people will be willing to chat with us? Perhaps they will not talk right away, someone will ask you to call back (it is question of a script and the manager’s training level). Let it be one of four, in total - 10.

Out of these 10, how many will be those who decide to purchase? Will 3 out of 10 be fair?

The situation is similar to apartment bypass, but the percentage is 0.7%, not 1%. The point is that there are more refusers after filling out an application when calling on a cold base than during an apartment bypass. When calling, the level of trust, as well as getting in touch is much lower for customers. Often, they immediately call their provider, and the provider gives them discounts for retention. But calling operators are faster and easier to train, control. They can make more contacts and often give more applications per unit of time.

As well as in apartment sales, the territory is processed by telemarketing in a three-month cycle: one part is calling, two are resting and processing by other sales channels. Telemarketing should not overlap with apartment bypass.

Advertising and marketing materials, distribution of leaflets and posters

Let me remind:

1. At least 15% are ready to try new things.

2. At least 30% are always dissatisfied with something.

3. At least 50% are easy to lead.

4. 90% want cheaper option.

5. Also, competitors, as well as everyone, have problems both with the quality of services and with customer focus. Besides, we include here the percentage of customers who do not understand the service or product but blame the operator.

The most important thing is to “hook” and transfer information to the future subscriber: “why you particularly need to be chosen”. Personalization of advertising is very important; whom and why do you attract? Everyone is already tired of senseless spam. Define the target audience, describe it, and understand why you are attracting it. The initial contact with the advertisement is only a couple of seconds, if the advertisement catches attention, there will be further study of the proposal. If not, then your ad is useless spam.

In case of the correct distribution of targeted advertising (A4, A5, A6), the result is from 0.04% of applications from the processed area. Unlike in previous methods, the territory is processed monthly, in parallel with any other sales channels, if there are any. If there are TMs and agents, for each client attracted by an active channel there will be 2 as bonus on advertising, increasing the final percentage.


As a rule, these are events near the metro, in through-passage yards, courtyards of multi-storey buildings, close to shopping centres. It is better if a natural queue is formed (for example, by giving out something), this allows managers to sell services easily: people are waiting in line anyway, they are ready to talk. Moreover, after getting something from you for free, potential customers are more malleable. Average indicator: 1 application from 15 contacts (in case the territory within a radius of 3 km is connected to you). The territory is processed based on the activity and response of subscribers to this type of event in the area. It can be carried out at the same time with any other sales channels. Important to note that this type of promotion also increases brand loyalty in the area of the event, and you must remember to get round this territory, call and provide advertisement.

Partners and word of mouth

The best partners are the ones with a lot of traffic: grocery stores in your area, hairdressers, post offices, places of getting parcels from online stores; or partners who have the same potential market with you: computer or home appliance repair shops, computer hardware stores, realtors.

Efficiency greatly depends on the penetration zone of your company and the activity of your partner in promoting your offer - from 0.5% of the processed area. The work is conducted in parallel with any other sales channels.

Online attraction is simple and complex at the same time.

If you have connected a small city where the request to “connect the Internet” in Google (Yandex) gave you only the opportunity to connect using ADSL technology from a well-known provider, of course, you should invest in Seo and Targeting to attract. But often the situation is that it is pointless to fight for the classic tools of online attraction, since the cost of such a client can reach 10,000 roubles and more because of the competitive load, as a result, never paying off.

It’s much wiser to work with the brand through Seo, and make sure that at the search of your name (for example, “Connect Megatelecom”) it is your site that comes out first, and not the one of a dealer (or your cunning agent), which happens most often. The task of the online resource is the collection of applications that were generated by the sales channels, which were described above. This will directly affect the value of your application and payback. You can easily track all other online tools and their conversion yourself using the appropriate analytical programs, the percentage will directly depend on the work of the channels described above. You can count on from 0.03% of the cultivated area.

Everything is way easier with IPTV subscribers: at least 50% of the broadband access base if the promotion is carried out correctly.