Configure CAS HLS (session control) using Flussonic software

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The Flussonic server can request authorization from IPTVPORTAL.

Below is a description of how to configure flussonic to request authorization via iptvportal:

1. In the iptvportal admin panel - Keys - create any key (for example, name = “k1”, algorithm = “ARESSTREAM”, mode = “SM”, length = “1472 bits”, update period = “1:00:00” ) The key can be one for a group of channels or one for all channels, this is not very important, because the subscriber’s access to each channel is still additionally checked on the IPTVPORTAL side.

2. In the iptvportal administration panel - TV - at the necessary channels, in the Auth field (and / or Timeshift Auth) indicate “flussonic arescrypt”, specify the key and set the checkbox “encoded”.

3. In the admin panel flussonic - Media - select a channel - select the Auth tab,
specify Authentication type = Custom there, Auth path = "" (where DOMAIN is your domain in iptvportal), Specify extra params to pass: key = soft_limitation, value = true
or in the config, specify for each channel "auth soft_limitation = true;"
(if Middleware is installed locally, then Auth path = "http: // SERVER_MIDDLEWARE / auth / flussonic / arescrypt /")

After this setup, flussonic will start asking you to view the channel from IPTVPORTAL CAS.
Approximate session change time = 3 * key change time.
The recommended key change time is at least 1 hour.