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Together with our partners - data centers, integrators, resellers, SmartCity systems, etc. - we have created the ecosystem that we manage together.

Our platform links various parties in the ecosystem, helping to build interaction and forming value chains for all its participants.

There are a handful of reasons why to work with us: favorable conditions for cooperation, constant support, the opportunity to work either under our own or under our brand. We interact with various partners: TV channels, content cinemas, online stores, advertising agencies, CCTV systems, smart intercoms, billing systems – together with them we grow and evolve.

Reasons to become our partner:

Being a part of the ecosystem:

Our partners become a part of the ecosystem that unites more than 500 telecom operators, 100 hotels etc. from more than 15 countries.


We were the first company to develop a cloud platform in 2011.

Our experience has allowed us to develop the capabilities and functionality significantly, offering the most technologically advanced solution on the market at the lowest cost.

We’ve also set up a fast-working technical support and reduced the launch time to 1 day.

Favorable terms:

Our partners receive a discount on all our services, as well as free technical support and the opportunity to set the price on their sales market independently.

Social responsibility:

Our company helps to develop inclusiveness - we support inclusive workshops "Simple things", where people with mental disabilities create dishes, textiles, wooden products, make jams and caramel.


We believe that support and sharing knowledge among experts in various fields is critical to the prosperity of all.

We constantly share knowledge with our partners for the effective cooperation and mutual success.

Types of partnership with IPTVPORTAL

We’re cooperating with various data centers, TV channels, content cinemas, online stores, advertising providers, SmartCity systems, CCTV systems, smart intercoms, billing systems.

Thus, we have several types of partnerships:

Resellers (with the use of IPTVPORTAL cloud)

The easiest and fastest way to become our partners.

No requirements for the minimum / maximum number of clients, possibility to set your own price on the market and use either the IPTVPORTAL brand or your own brand. IPTVPORTAL provides "cloud" and technical support.

Resellers (with the use of own cloud)

The partner independently creates a "cloud" to provide the platform.

There are also no requirements for the minimum / maximum number of clients, possibility to set your own price on the market and use either the IPTVPORTAL brand or your own brand.

Content providing partners

Our company has extensive experience in building secure content distribution solutions.

By working with us, you will protect your content from piracy threats and provide subscribers with a convenient way to consume content.


The switch of companies to iptv services is increasing annually, and most rely on the help of service providers and system integrators.

By working with us, you will receive not only our platform, but also our competencies, partners, suppliers of equipment, content and services; you will be able to offer your customers a turnkey solution.

Subscriber devices manufacturers

The integration of our platform on partner devices allows them to get a turnkey solution for their customers.

The low cost of the platform makes the difference in price imperceptible compared to the price of equipment, but your customers will receive a complete solution that increases the value of the product.

Data centers

With our cloud-based PaaS product, you can enhance your customers offering by providing not just computing power, but a turnkey platform solution.

Advertising and analytical agencies

Our partners can advertise services and products on the platform.

Becoming our partner, you get access to an unlimited number of new markets and opportunities.

Designers of hotels

The availability of digital television is one of the key advantages in the hotel business.

You can ask IPTVPORTAL for a consultation and a free sample project.

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