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modern low-cost constructor
for your IPTV / OTT service

IPTV solution for internet providers, cable operators, hotels.

In 2011, IPTVPORTAL became the first cloud platform to provide CAS / DRM content protection systems and PaaS content management systems. It allowed us to reduce both the launch time (1 day) and launching costs to a minimum.

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  1. IPTV/OTT Middleware
  2. CAS/DRM
  3. DVR & Streaming Servers

We have developed all the essential modules: the only thing you should do is to add content and branding. Our "HONESTY" concept is reflected in the user interface - Typographic UI. This design is without unnecessary details justifying the overpricing.

We are confident that CONTENT is the king, and our service is a convenient access tool.


service while testing

One of the main risks while choosing a solution is its inconsistency with the business objectives of the customer. IPTVPORTAL minimizes it - we provide a free test of our system for the time neeeded for the customer, so that the client gets to know and work with the platform.

Take IPTVPORTAL for a test - learn more about the functionality
and capabilities of the platform.

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our solution is already used by over 500 companies around the world


The IPTVPORTAL platform allows you to compete with the largest market players at the lowest cost: our experience allowed us to reduce the costs of launching and maintaining the platform significantly.

IPTVPORTAL provides all the necessary functions - Pause, Archive, TimeShift, VOD, etc. - with minimal costs and a high level of professional support.

Useful materials and documents to help you get started using the platform easily.


We value our clients as we are one team. Therefore, it is important for us for you to succeed.

Articles about building IPTV / OTT solutions, forming a marketing policy and a strategy for promoting your services.

How operators can sell services via a phone base

How can provider attract customers

Typographic UI — a new trend in the UI development


Partners and customers interacting with us are united by our platform into an ecosystem forming value chains. We’re running it together with various data centers, TV channels, content cinemas, online stores, advertising providers, SmartCity systems, CCTV systems, smart intercoms, billing systems with which we cooperate.

If you are a content provider, consumer device developer, billing system developer, integrator, data center, design company, management company or anyone who is interested; if you have ideas for working with us - email us at

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